Restoring Tourism Industry in India after Covid-19: A Case Study

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Vijay raj B. V.
A. Jayanthila Devi


Purpose: This research paper assesses the effect of Corona Virus or COVID-19 on Indian tourism industry and also focuses on restoring Indian tourism by suggesting/recommending tourism industries to change their approach towards tourists which brings back the departed glory. According to WTCC, the Covid-19 epidemic is depended upon to cost the movement business basically USD 22 billion achieving a lack of 50 million situations all throughout the world. India is no special case; the travel industry has seen a critical decay during 2020.In such a circumstance India is no exemption; the travel industry has seen a huge decrease during 2020. GOI has an urgent job to carry out in recovery and development of the travel industry. To avoid the spread of the covid-19 government of India imposed lockdown in all the states including union territories, travel restrictions, national international flight restrictions which made worst effect on Indian tourism by causing huge damage towards country’s GDP and also many peoples lost their employments.

Objectives: we aim to present the restoration of Indian tourism industry which got worst affected by COVID-19 pandemic by providing recommendations to restore the same.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Data are collected from various scholarly articles, web articles, and this paper presents Strength, weakness, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT analysis) as a way promoting approach for the Travel sector within the aspect of the Covid-19 Epidemic.

Findings/Result: Based on the SWOC analysis of the tourism industry, restoring the tourism industry in India have got many challenges, threats and opportunities are discussed.

Originality/Value: Built on secondary data available, this paper analyses the impact/Consequence of Corona Virus or Covid-19 on travel/tourism industry in India. 

paper Type: Case Study Analysis.


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Vijay raj B. V., & A. Jayanthila Devi. (2021). Restoring Tourism Industry in India after Covid-19: A Case Study. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 5(2), 284–298.