Industry Analysis – The First Step in Business Management Scholarly Research

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Aithal P. S.


Industry analysis and Company analysis are two types of case study methods among many types of Case-based research analysis in Research Methodology. A case study based management research and teaching pedagogy are adopted by many business schools with the belief that it is a most powerful way to study and learn new lessons required to identify, understand, and solve the problems in the process of managing and leading the organizations. Analysing business cases of industries force students to grapple with exactly the kinds of situations, decisions, and dilemmas managers confront every day. Industry analysis is a powerful tool in developing both research case study and teaching case study in business management subject. Through industry analysis students and researchers can study various aspects of an industry and its components to enrich their knowledge in the core area of business including organizational management, environmental management, functional areas of business, strategic management, new idea generation as well as effective decision making. The issues or problems identified in a given industry and the efforts made by organizations to handle such issues or solve such problems are learning opportunities for students and researchers in business management institutions. In this paper, we have discussed the procedure of writing case studies based on industry analysis framework. We also recommend the Industry analysis as a class of case study methodology in management research for developing research case studies as a first step for budding researchers.


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