Involvement of NASSCOM Foundation in Implementation of CSR Activities

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Bindhu D.


Purpose: NGOs are non-governmental organizations that work for society and are therefore well aware of society's problems and areas for change. Many NGOs operate on a variety of societal issues. As a result of their enormous advantage in reaching the needy, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community organizations play a critical role in the establishment of a healthy and better environment in developing countries under the corporate social obligation model.

Methodology: The current study relied on secondary data. The study's conclusions give a concept for CSR operations as well as an evaluation of how the NASSCOM foundation meets its promises to all stakeholders, including specific activities, programmers, and initiatives. The analysis focuses on the foundation's CSR implementation to define the business's target area.

Findings: The analytical framework provided an overview of NASSCOM foundations CSR programmes, including scope for debates on emerging themes in development, efficient techniques, and scalable models for long-term impacts.

Practical implication: This study relies entirely on secondary data because no primary data were obtained from any source. The complete range of contributions to social transformation was assembled using secondary data from a variety of sources, and there is no information on how much corporate influence over the content of CSR reports exists. The research piece is based on a few cases of NGO-Corporate partnership, from which no broad conclusions can be derived. It's even more difficult to quantify the success rate of CSR-related activities for each project because different publicly financed programmes can take different approaches to tackle societal issues.

Originality/ Value: By using this research model, we can deduce that the NASSCOM foundation needs to create action platforms that promote discourse throughout the IT-BPM sector and encourage the sharing of best practices on diverse methods to create a roadmap for an inclusive India.

Type of Paper: Case Study.


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