Digital Transformation in Indian Insurance Industry – A Case Study

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Jayameena Desikan
A. Jayanthila Devi


Purpose: In India, the insurance industry has grown rapidly in the last decade, introducing many innovative products. India's insurance industry is vital to the country's economy. Digital Transformation have a drastic impact on the Insurance sector. Digitization results in future innovative designs and launch innovative products which help insurance companies and the customers. Digital innovation is transforming the way how the insurance companies work with industries by integrating IoT devices with health insurance which will also benefit the customers. In this paper, we will analyze and understand how HDFC ERGO has implemented digital transformation that has enhanced operational efficiencies and completely transformed service deliveries and customer experience in the insurance industry.

Objectives: To do analysis and review on the digital transformation in the insurance company and how it has impacted the operational efficiencies, service deliveries and customer experience.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This company analysis was done by analyzing and referring different sources like online sources, such as websites, blogs, scholarly articles, web articles, and using Technology Analysis as a framework.

Findings/Result: Digital transformation and how it impacts insurance company in terms of its operational efficiency, service deliveries and customer experience are discussed. Analysis done to find how the organization should stay ahead in implementing the digital technologies and how digital transformation helps the insurance industry to explore new technologies and provides innovative ideas to improve organizational efficiency

Originality/Value: Based on the information and the data available, digital transformation and its impact in the insurance company in the current state is analyzed.

Paper Type: A Case study analysis done on the digital transformation in the HDFC ERGO general insurance company.


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Jayameena Desikan, & A. Jayanthila Devi. (2021). Digital Transformation in Indian Insurance Industry – A Case Study. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 5(2), 184–196.