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The aim of IJCSBE is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles. The mission of this journal is to publish original contributions in its field to promote research in various disciplines. IJCSBE aims to bring pure academic research and more practical publications in the area of Business, Information Technology, and Education especially Case studies. </span><span lang="EN-IN">So it covers the full range of research applied to various sciences that meet the future demands. All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished (experimental or theoretical or Case studies) research and results. All the submissions in the scope of IJCSBE will be peer-reviewed. All submissions are also checked for plagiarism. The length of the manuscript must be between five (5) to twenty (20) journal pages excluding references.</span></p> Comparison between Retrieval Time of Manual and Electronic Medical Records –A Case Study 2022-08-05T16:22:15+00:00 Vijaya Parameshwari P. K. Suresh Kumar Amitha P. Marla Swati Rai <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>A safe and effective healthcare service provides good quality medical records whether electronic or handwritten, which is essential for the continuity of patient care. In this context, a comparative study on the retrieval time of Manual and Electronic Medical Records is made to evaluate the advantages and limitations of both systems.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology</strong><strong>: </strong><em>The present study was conducted in two phases.&nbsp; In the first phase, the retrieval time taken by the Manual medical record and in the second phase the retrieval time taken for electronic medical records was collected. The study site was one of the departments in a multispecialty hospital.&nbsp; The study period was three months and a convenient sampling technique was used to collect the data.&nbsp; The sample was collected during the peak hours of the day. Hence 75 medical records which were documented manually and collected in the first phase and after the introduction of electronic method of documenting medical records, another 75 electronic medical record were collected to find the retrieval time.</em></p> <p><strong>Finding/Result: </strong><em>The study result revealed that standard turnaround time (TAT) as per the policy of the hospital for the retrieval of paper records exceeds whereas in electronic medical records most of the files receives within standard time and Electronic Medical Records to be implemented in various outpatient departments in order to reduce patient waiting time for the medical records during the revisit.&nbsp; These changes in the procedure will definitely improve the quality of healthcare and patient satisfaction.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/value:</strong> The result of the study will help t<em>o know the retrieval time for manual and Electronic Medical Record, its advantages and disadvantages.</em></p> <p><strong>Study Type:</strong> <em>Observational case study.</em></p> 2022-08-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Systematic Review on Women Entrepreneurship in Food Processing Sector 2022-08-05T16:57:55+00:00 Reema Jenifer D’Silva Ganesh Bhat S. <p><strong>Purpose</strong>: <em>The recent surge in women entrepreneurship has resulted in a shift in the demographics of business and country’s economic growth. This paper attempts to understand the evolution of women entrepreneurship and major contributing factors behind the development in the Indian context through a systematic literature review.</em></p> <p><strong>Design</strong>: <em>The study reviewed the literature</em><em> on various aspects of women entrepreneurship of food processing sector in India published between 1980 and 2022 and further analyzed women entrepreneurship of food processing sector using ABCD analysis.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings</strong>: <em>Of late, women entrepreneurship has become quite popular in India, there are several gaps in the research in this area, resulting in numerous dimensions for future research.</em></p> <p><strong>Practical implication</strong>: <em>This study will provide a historical perspective of women entrepreneurs in India and will assist the researcher in focusing the study on essential areas that require additional research.</em></p> <p><strong>Value</strong>: <em>Women entrepreneurship has sparked a lot of interest among academics. Several studies and reviews are being conducted in this field. A review of the evolutio 2022-08-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 How to align the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of HEI with the Leadership and Governance – A Case of Srinivas University, India 2022-08-07T14:09:01+00:00 Nethravathi P. S. Adithya K. M. Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>To investigate the alignment of vision, mission, and objectives to develop and deploy various strategies in higher education institutions (HEIs) with leadership and governance for the welfare of the whole university, through quality education, mainly for the development of the students.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> <em>An exploratory research design is used to conduct the case study. The necessary information is gathered from the Srinivas University website. The Google Scholar search engine is used to conduct a literature review in order to establish a strong conceptual framework for this article.</em></p> <p><strong>Results &amp; Outcome:</strong> <em>This research proves a transparent and robust governance system that is predominantly driven by Srinivas University’s Vision and Mission and is envisioned to be a world-class University committed to academic excellence and professional competence for students’ overall development.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality:</strong> <em>A case study of developing strategies in HEIs</em> <em>through analysing vision, mission, and objectives and SWOC analysis.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of the Paper: </strong><em>Case Study &amp; Analysis.</em></p> 2022-08-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Customer Perception in Relationship Between Social-Media and Purchasing Behavior of Fashion Products 2022-08-10T15:31:53+00:00 Madhura K. Niyaz Panakaje <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>People enjoy digital shopping because it allows them to make purchasing decisions anytime and wherever they choose. Businesses can use social media to showcase their products on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and others. The goal of this study is to discover the social media variables that impact customer purchasing decisions as well as to examine consumer perceptions of the items, and determine how social media impacting factors directly affect customer purchase decisions of fashion products.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>The study relies on secondary and collected sources. This is based on a review of the existing literature, with data obtained from various exploratory articles or papers, journals, books, and magazines. Science Direct, Research Gate, and Google Scholar were used to gather the data required for the study.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:&nbsp; </strong><em>This result demonstrates that the concept of consumer perception - usually it is linked to a specific behavior such as emotional and cognitive because&nbsp;of these&nbsp;commitments&nbsp;the virtual market is becoming increasingly competitive. Users' experiences and expectations of online services are fast-changing, and it is necessary for online companies to provide quality information on their websites so that highly trusted customers are expected to make them more engaged.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>Through this review, online buying behaviour and other areas of existing literature help the producers, entrepreneurs, and retailers to understand the social media influencing factors on buying behaviour of customers so that they can make their own marketing strategy to increase sales and gain more profit.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper type: </strong><em>Review of Literature</em></p> 2022-08-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Comprehensive Analysis of Automated Threat Modeling Solution Company: Threat Modeler Software, Inc. 2022-08-12T08:54:45+00:00 Santosh Pai Srinivasa Rao, Kunte <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Effective Security Threat modeling in an enterprise depends on the efficient tools used for modeling. The Threat modeling tool market has multiple players that provide platforms to automate the Threat modeling process in enterprises. Threat Modeler Software, Inc. is one such platform provider company. The paper aims to explore the company and its platform's features.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach</strong>: <em>This paper explores the documentation available on Threat Modeler Software, Inc. to understand the features, working principles, and company information. Features are further explored by performing hands-on Threat modeling using the trial edition of the platform. SWOC analysis of the company is performed to analyze the factors affecting the company as a Threat modeling platform provider.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>Threat Modeler Software, Inc.’s platform has innovative features that enable automated Threat modeling. SWOC analysis has identified some of the challenges that the company has. The competitor list showed commercial and open-source competitors in the race to create Threat modeling platforms. The innovative culture of the Threat Modeler Software, Inc. must continue to provide new features making the Threat modeling experience unique.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This paper studies Threat Modeler platform's architecture and explores important features of the platform. Capabilities of the features and their importance is studied. SWOC analysis is performed to identify factors affecting the company. A list of different threat modeling platforms is built to understand the current competitors for Threat Modeler Software, Inc.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Case Study.</em></p> 2022-08-12T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Collaborative Social Engagement (CSE) Model – A Best Practice of Srinivas University, India 2022-08-25T15:06:55+00:00 Pradeep M. D. Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>To introduce the Collaborative Social Engagement (CSE) model as one of the best practices useful to higher education institutions for creating their social footprints of Service. The paper showcases the practice framework of the model by showcasing its impact on skill development, social service, social welfare and sustainability. The study carry out an outcome analysis of the best practice with the help of ABCD analysis framework.</em>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong><em>It is a Case study prepared on the reports published in the Srinivas University website. The requisite data is collected from the respective Coordinators appointed by the University to carry out the projects of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Forum, Bosch Industry Academia Collaboration Centre, Srinivas Institute of Rural Reconstruction Agency, School Adoption Programme and Centre for Popularisation of Science and Technology. The content is analysed by review of literature and ABCD analysis framework.</em>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Results &amp; Outcome:</strong> &nbsp;<em>The study recommends an innovative best practice model for the higher education institutions to carry out ‘Social Engagement’ as a service model to reach out to Society.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong>Originality: </strong><em>The paper introduces the ‘Collaborative Social Engagement’ model suitable for Institutions of Higher Education to carry out social responsibility by blending the outcomes of NGO interventions, Industry-Academia Collaboration, Village and School Adoption, public sensitization, and social service initiatives, etc.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of Paper:</strong> <em>Case study on Best Practice.</em>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> 2022-08-25T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Systematic Review of Cloud Storage Services- A Case Study on Amazon Web Services 2022-08-30T16:07:04+00:00 Priyadarshini P. K. T. Veeramanju <p><strong>Background/Purpose</strong>: <em>Cloud computing is the buzz word today as it has made its presence felt in many fields, such as business, education, industries, e-commerce to list a few. The concept of cloud storage is the IT service provided on the internet which allows the flexibility of paying for only the actual usage that is in short it is pay as you go. The companies now have the option to rent computing power, storage, and databases from the service provider. This avoids huge financial investment for procuring, operating, and maintaining licensed software, physical data centers and servers. To overcome the challenges in general the storage medium, it is important upgrade to cloud concept. Nowadays, new business language has seen tremendous success by putting their services and data on the internet without relying on any physical devices. There are many service providers who cater this segment. This paper provides an analysis of the company Amazon Web Services which is the major service providers in recent times.</em></p> <p><strong>Objective</strong>: <em>In this case study we focus on the cloud storage services of Amazon Web Service.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach</strong>: <em>The related information and details for this case study on Amazon Web Services was obtained from various scholarly articles published in various peer reviewed journals, conferences and company websites. White papers have provided additional information.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result</strong>: <em>The study of this paper focus on the relevance and importance of cloud storage in the present era. The need, requirements and necessity of various services provided by AWS, financial plan, different products of AWS, Leading clients and types of cloud services are discussed.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>The study provides a brief overview of Amazon Web Services, nature and manner of various data collection, data management, information about cloud storage and various cloud services of AWS.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type</strong>: <em>Case Study on the importance of storage and computation requirements for services on web, various service providers, with special reference to Amazon Web Services.</em></p> 2022-08-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 An Analysis of Pan-India Financial Intermediation Accomplished through the Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) - Literature Review 2022-08-31T06:21:50+00:00 Shashank B. S. Sureshramana Mayya <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>A vast part of the non-corporate sector operates as unregistered enterprises. They do not maintain proper books of accounts and are not formally covered under taxation areas. Therefore, the banks find it difficult to lend to them.&nbsp; The majority of this sector does not access outside sources of finance. It is in this backdrop that the Government of India (GOI) is setting up a Micro Units Development &amp; Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Bank through a statutory enactment. This Agency would be responsible for developing and refinancing all Micro-finance Institutions (MFIs) which are in the business of lending to micro / small business entities engaged in manufacturing, trading and service activities. The bank would partner with state-level / regional level coordinators to provide finance to Last Mile Financiers of small/micro business enterprises. Since the enactment is likely to take some time, it is proposed to initiate MUDRA as a unit of SIDBI to benefit from SIDBI’s initiatives and expertise.</em></p> <p><strong>Objective: </strong><em>The main objective of the literature survey is to examine the impact of MUDRA Yojana on new start-ups and employment opportunities. </em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology: </strong><em>The study report relies on secondary data gathered from a wide range of areas, including websites and published publications. Following the review of the study and their area gap in the literature, the potential to examine the function of MUDRA in developing small scale industries and&nbsp;small and medium enterprises.</em></p> <p><strong>Finding/Result: </strong><em>The study shows that PMMY needs to have more control over the fixation of Interest rate. In the study, we can understand that </em><em>people from backward castes are still not accessing the MUDRA Yojana. The study shows that MUDRA Yojana is providing the fund but not giving Skill oriented training sessions for new entrepreneurs.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value:</strong> <em>This study was conducted to determine the contributions of MUDRA financing in terms of operating capital to small scale Industry to create Job opportunities in rural and urban areas.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper type</strong>: <em>A literature review.</em></p> 2022-08-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Alzheimer Disease MRI Preprocessed Images: A Machine Intelligent Based Approach for Classification and Analysis 2022-09-06T16:21:56+00:00 Kalyan Kumar Jena Krishna Prasad K. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases in the present scenario. It is a brain disorder disease which leads to the destruction of the thinking skills and memory of human beings. It is very much essential for the early classification of AD magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) preprocessed images (</em><em>ADMPIs) into several categories such as </em><em>Mild_Demented (MID), Moderate_Demented (MOD), Non_Demented (ND), Very_Mild_Demented (VMD), etc. so that preventive measures can be taken at the earliest. </em></p> <p><strong>Approach: </strong><em>In this work, a machine intelligent (MI) based approach is proposed for the classification of ADMPIs into </em><em>the MID, MOD, ND and VMD types</em><em>. This approach is focused on machine learning (ML) based methods such as </em><em>Logistic Regression (</em><em>LRG), </em><em>Support Vector Machine (</em><em>SVMN), </em><em>Random Forest (</em><em>RFS), </em><em>Neural Network (</em><em>NNT), </em><em>Decision Tree (</em><em>DTR), </em><em>AdaBoost</em><em> (ADB), </em><em>Naïve Bayes (</em><em>NBY), </em><em>K-Nearest Neighbor</em><em> (KNNH) and </em><em>Stochastic Gradient Descent</em><em> (SGDC)</em><em> to carry out such classification. </em></p> <p><strong>Result: </strong><em>The ML based methods have been implemented using Python based Orange 3.26.0. In this work, 1564 ADMPIs having 500, 64, 500 and 500 numbers of each type such as MID, MOD, ND and VMD respectively are taken from the Kaggle source. The performance of all the methods is assessed using the performance parameters such as classification accuracy (CA), F1, Precision (PR) and Recall (RC). From the results, it is found that the NNT method is capable of providing better classification results in terms of CA, F1, PR and RC as compared to other ML based methods such as </em><em>SVMN, RFS, NNT, DTR, ADB, NBY, KNNH and SGD. </em><em>&nbsp;&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong>Originality: </strong><em>In this work, a MI based approach is proposed </em><em>to carry out the classification of ADMPIs into several types such as </em><em>MID, MOD, ND and VMD types</em><em>. The NNT method performs better in terms of CA, F1, PR and RC as compared to</em><em> LRG, SVMN, RFS, DTR, ADB, NBY, KNNH and SGDC methods.</em> <em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Conceptual Research.</em></p> 2022-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Review on Brain Tumor Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network 2022-09-06T16:44:36+00:00 Divya Kumari Subrahmanya Bhat <p><strong>Background/Purpose:</strong> <em>The automatic identification of brain tumor types is important for advancing remedy and boosting survival of patients. In nowadays, magnetic resonance imaging is only used to effectively explore a variety of brain cancer. Since manual categorization of brain cancer requires experts and is only suitable restricted collection of clear MRI pictures, study of Convolutional Neural Network model for automatic diagnosis of brain tumor and how neural network technics are applied in images to detect tumor is proposed in this review paper.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach:&nbsp; </strong><em>Various Scholarly articles and websites</em><em> are referred and studied to gather information for this review paper.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result:</strong> <em>Convolutional neural network and its different layers in image processing.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value:</strong> <em>This review-based research article is a brain tumor study detection implementing a Cnn Architecture as well as the research gaps and research Agenda.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper type: </strong><em>Literature Review&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </em></p> 2022-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Media and Youth Audience – A Comprehensive Review 2022-09-06T17:15:49+00:00 Velita Sibon Lobo K. Shivshankar Bhat <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Media is the plural version of medium, which in general&nbsp;refers to any channel of communication. An audience is defined in media studies as any group of individuals who consume media information, not just those who are in the same location at the same time. Today, media influence is so powerful that it may easily influence people both positively and negatively. We also live in a society that is heavily reliant on media for information and entertainment. The nation’s future is determined by the caliber of its youth. Youth can make a significant contribution in every field. However, new research indicates that youth media creation has the potential to improve young people's relationships with the media in ways that benefit media institutions, youth themselves, and, eventually, our democracy. Hence it’s very important to study the interrelationship between media and the youth audience.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong><em>This review paper examines the relationship between the media and youth using secondary data from journal papers and scholarly research publications.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong><em>Research has shown that the media has an impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of youth in both positive and negative ways. Studies show that the media has influenced young people’s suicide inclinations. It has been discovered that the youth were enticed to attempt sex, smoking, alcohol, and other narcotics, and subsequently became addicted. According to research, the media has an impact on youth political and religious&nbsp;participation. According to the research, media has influenced&nbsp;the lifestyle of youth.&nbsp;The studies have revealed that media has increased cybercrime in youth. It has been discovered that the majority of young people accept media content without questioning its veracity.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/value: </strong><em>This research explores the relationship between the media and the youth audience, which covers youth perception, media participation, and the influence of media on the youth.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper type: </strong><em>Review Paper</em></p> 2022-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Involvement of NASSCOM Foundation in Implementation of CSR Activities 2022-09-22T15:57:02+00:00 Bindhu D. Niyaz <p><strong>Purpose:</strong><em> NGOs are non-governmental organizations that work for society and are therefore well aware of society's problems and areas for change. Many NGOs operate on a variety of societal issues.</em> <em>As a result of their enormous advantage in reaching the needy, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community organizations play a critical role in the establishment of a healthy and better environment in developing countries under the corporate social obligation model.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology<em>:</em></strong> <em>The current study relied on secondary data. The study's conclusions give a concept for CSR operations as well as an evaluation of how the NASSCOM foundation meets its promises to all stakeholders, including specific activities, programmers, and initiatives. The analysis focuses on the foundation's CSR implementation to define the business's target area.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong><em> The analytical framework provided an overview of NASSCOM foundations CSR programmes, including scope for debates on emerging themes in development, efficient techniques, and scalable models for long-term impacts. </em></p> <p><strong>Practical implication:</strong><em> This study relies entirely on secondary data because no primary data were obtained from any source. The complete range of contributions to social transformation was assembled using secondary data from a variety of sources, and there is no information on how much corporate influence over the content of CSR reports exists. The research piece is based on a few cases of NGO-Corporate partnership, from which no broad conclusions can be derived. It's even more difficult to quantify the success rate of CSR-related activities for each project because different publicly financed programmes can take different approaches to tackle societal issues.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/ Value: </strong><em>By using this research model, we can deduce that the NASSCOM foundation needs to create action platforms that promote discourse throughout the IT-BPM sector and encourage the sharing of best practices on diverse methods to create a roadmap for an inclusive India.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of Paper:</strong> <em>Case Study.</em></p> 2022-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Survey of Data Analytical Techniques on Commodity Price Prediction for Smart Agricultural System 2022-09-12T16:49:30+00:00 K. Vikranth Nethravathi P. S. Krishna Prasad K. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Food or agricultural products are one of the most basic needs of people. The population of India and the rest of the world is growing at an exponential rate, as is the demand for food commodities. As a result, there should be a proper and convenient way to increase food production, as well as the introduction of efficient technologies in all aspects of the agriculture sector. Commodity prices are an important factor in agriculture because they determine the former's economic status and wealth. The farmer's income and profit are determined by the current and future price of the commodity. Farmers are losing a lot of money because they don't know what the price of their products will be in the future. As a result, there should be a proper approach that provides future information about agricultural products, allowing farmers to make decisions ahead of time before cultivating any product.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach</strong>: <em>Developing a theoretical concept based on model building using the secondary sources and focus group interaction method and analysis of the model using the ABCD listing framework.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>A method known as price prediction uses historical and current data from a database to estimate future agricultural commodity prices</em><strong>. </strong><em>This paper was primarily concerned with identifying the appropriate data analysis techniques for implementing price prediction systems, particularly for agricultural products. Also conducts a survey on various predictive analytics approaches related to agricultural datasets. Finally, we used our own suggested model to implement a price prediction system with the help of a smart agricultural system.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Conceptual Research.</em></p> 2022-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Stress Coping Mechanisms: A Quantitative ABCD Analysis 2022-09-13T04:27:10+00:00 Pavithra Kumari Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>The primary aim of this study was to assess the Advantages, Benefits, Constraints and Disadvantages of stress coping mechanism through ABCD analysis framework in order to identify the critical constituent elements and factors affecting stress coping mechanism.</em></p> <p><strong>Design: </strong><em>The existing literatures were reviewed to obtain depth understanding of stress coping mechanism and its attributes. The researcher adopted focused group interview method where their perception on stress coping mechanism was taken by assigning weights which was further analyzed quantitatively.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong><em>Quantitative analysis of ABCD framework demonstrated high weightage of advantageous factors towards stress coping mechanism followed by benefit factors. Particularly it was found that stress coping mechanism has high advantages and benefits compared to constraints and disadvantages depicting its effectiveness in coping stress.</em><strong>&nbsp; </strong></p> <p><strong>Originality value: </strong><em>This paper not only facilitates depth understanding of various factors affecting stress coping mechanism but also provides a direction towards establishing measurement scales for stress coping mechanism in the future research. Hence this study acts as guiding tool for the academician, researchers, psychiatrists and HR policymakers to enhance employee productivity.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Empirical Paper.</em></p> 2022-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Quality of Work Life of Employees in Nitta Gelatin India Limited with Special Reference to Kerala 2022-09-30T17:03:13+00:00 Shibi B. Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Background/Purpose</strong> <em>Recently, the QWL has become more and more significant in organizations. This is basically a working environment for employees of the organization. It's a value-based process, improving the effectiveness of the organization and improving the quality of life of employees at work. QWL programs usually emphasize development of employee skills, reduce work-related stress in a more collaborative work-management relationship. Ultimately, with the organization, employees will also be benefited. Hypothesis-based qualitative research agenda and Testing has improved the conceptual model of working quality of life. The study here is to understand, to what extent the surveyed organization was able to meet the following requirements: To check whether there is a&nbsp;link between employees' quality&nbsp;of workplace&nbsp;life and employee satisfaction.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong><em> This study analyzes the contribution of the Quality of Work Life program to employee satisfaction, taking into account the top factors that contribute to QWL: management, compensation, career development, working conditions, and relationships with employee morale. Primary&nbsp;and secondary data were collected&nbsp;in&nbsp;support&nbsp;of&nbsp;the research objectives. Primary data was collected using a structured questionnaire containing closed questions and a direct interview method. The questionnaire was distributed to the organization’s clerks, factory workers, and managers. Secondary data&nbsp;were&nbsp;compiled&nbsp;from</em> <em>company files, magazines, books, journals, and websites. The total number of employees in the registered office (RO), Gelatin department (GD), and Ossein department (OD) is 415. Of these, the sample size was 55, including both managers and employees. </em></p> <p><strong>Finding</strong><strong>:</strong> <em>The QWL is very important in today's organizations. This is essentially related to the favorable or unfavorable nature of the work environment for the employees of the organization. This is a values-based process aimed at achieving the two goals of improving the effectiveness of the organization and improving the quality of life of employees in the workplace. QWL programs typically focus on developing employee skills, reducing work-related stress, and developing more collaborative work-management relationships. Ultimately, both the organization and its employees will benefit from it. This survey should help you understand how well your organization was able to meet employee requirements and see if there is a real relationship between quality of life and employee satisfaction.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality:</strong> <em>It conducts a quality of work survey at Nitta Gelatin India Limited, Kochi, Kerala This study aims to provide insights into the contribution of quality of life (QWL) towards employee satisfaction by studying the impact of factors like career development of employees, their working condition, their relationship with the management, benefits and compensation and morale of employees.&nbsp;&nbsp; </em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong><em> Conclusive Research Design.</em></p> 2022-09-28T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Comparative Study on Selected Regional Rural Banks of South India 2022-10-02T15:29:48+00:00 Megha D. Shetty Sudhindra Bhat <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>The object of this work was to evaluate the entire performance of the southern region for 2020 and 2021. The purpose of this study is to provide insight into the performance of the banks to analyse and understand the present scenario of the banking sector in the Southern region of India.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology</strong><strong>:</strong> <em>The Key Statistics &amp; Financial Statements of Regional Rural Banks from 2019-20 to 2020-21 of selected banks have been used for the research work. The CAMEL model is used to check the operation and has been ranked on an average scale of 1-10. The conclusion is by ranking both the years of all 10banks.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> <em>The study revealed a difference from year to year and it is restricted only by applying these areas. Even though leverage stands good, the possibility to rank 10 places is due to NPA. </em></p> <p><strong>Originality</strong>: <em>It may be useful to each bank’s performance its state governments and central government in making effective tactics by modifying its strategy and implementation in the banks. However, the banking system is also prone to several inherent defects and inefficiencies, which can lead to financial instability and economic distress.</em></p> <p><strong>Utilitarian Implication:</strong><em> In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on RRBs by the government as well as by investors and creditors. Such a study would help understand the position of RRBs in the region and their contribution to the economy's health.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong> Analytical Research</p> 2022-09-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Model for Implementation of e-Government Services in Developing Countries like Nepal 2022-10-07T15:43:16+00:00 Chandan Bhagat A. K. Mishra Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Nepal has taken an initiative to provide the various government services to its citizens by the use of ICT. However in developing countries like Nepal there are many challenges in front of Government in implementing these services through internet. So, the main target of this study is to formulate a proposed model of e-Governance based on G2C based on identified the basic achievement factors (BAFs) for viable execution of e-Government services. </em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>Key focus of the research is to develop a model through modification of existing model of developed country which could be applied in Nepal. Content analysis of literature along with key informant interviews and 5 ranking Likert scale questionnaire survey has been applied for getting the objective. It is an approach towards creation of digital sustainability as digital transformation is taking rapid development. </em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>Since most part of the population is below poverty line and even the literacy rate towards IT services is also very less, it is a challenge for the implementing agencies. The authorities in Nepal have been continuously endeavoring to offer citizen offerings in a higher way. There had been numerous a success initiatives and lots of noteworthy initiatives had been undertaken in Nepal like citizen App. This paper has tried to identify the CSFs for the execution of E-Administration in Nepal to develop a proposed model of e-Government to Consumer (G2C) to enhance the effectiveness of E-Governance.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>The study contributes to develop a model for e-Government to adopt digitalization. </em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Research paper</em></p> 2022-10-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The ‘8Fs’ Concept for Simplifying the Complications of Ph.D. Journey in India 2022-10-09T17:17:51+00:00 H. R. Ganesha Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose:</strong><em> To develop a concept for simplifying the complications of the Ph.D. journey of research scholars in India.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>Postmodernism research philosophical paradigm; Inductive research approach; Observation data collection method; Longitudinal data collection time frame. </em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>It is evident that the key drivers that play an important and decisive role in simplifying the complications of the Ph.D. journey of research scholars in India are i) the level of focus on ‘Fact’ and ‘Factors’; ii) level of interest in the ‘Fact’ and ‘Factors’; iii) level of autonomy provided to choose the ‘Fact’ and ‘Factors’.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value:</strong><em> The ‘8Fs’ concept is unique as no such concepts are being developed in India to date</em><em>. We determinedly believe that a holistic adoption of the ‘8Fs’ concept by every stakeholder of the research education system would help increase the Ph.D. success rate in India.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong><em> Conceptual Theory </em></p> 2022-10-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Case Study on the Growth of Rural Banking in India 2022-10-10T15:17:42+00:00 Megha D. Shetty Sudhindra Bhat <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>In India, rural banking has played a very important role in advancing technology and balancing the economy. The main aim of rural banking is to provide easy access to financial services for the rural population, which is typically underserved by the formal banking sector. The main goal of this paper is to throw light on RRBs and their contribution to the Indian banking system and economy, to compare the growth of amalgamation and presents standalone RRBs, and to identify the problems faced by RRBs by evaluating their performance over the years.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/ Methodology Approach:</strong> <em>The study is grounded on basis of the Secondary data. The secondary data was gathered from a variety of public and unpublished sources, including websites, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, Reserve Bank of India annual reports, and research papers.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong><em>The study observed that there has been growth in terms of the number of branches and their Performance. The efficiency to expand and finance to rural areas people have increased. The new systems of amalgamation have improved banks’ maintenance and expansion in terms of work.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/ Value: </strong><em>The study is an attempt to give an outline history of the RRBs as well as the performance or growth of RRBs as a result of amalgamation. </em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong> Research Case Study based on industry analysis.</p> 2022-10-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journey from Electronics to Healthcare Technology – Philips, Healthcare Product Maker 2022-10-10T15:55:30+00:00 Ramanathan G. S. N. Jagadeesha <p><strong>Background/Purpose: </strong><em>In 1891, Gerard Philips and his father Frederik created the Dutch multinational corporation Philips in Eindhoven. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam. Having divesting off its consumer electronics division, Philips is now focused completely on the health technology industry. The company has extensive experience in a wide range of healthcare-related fields, including cardiology, health technology, oncology, respiratory medicine, fertility and pregnancy. To make people's lives better through innovation, and to contribute to the creation of a world that is both more sustainable and healthier. </em></p> <p><strong>Objective: </strong><em>This paper provides a case study of Philips' transformation from an electronics firm to a leading healthcare product producer. This paper also looks at the healthcare business as a whole, as well as the many technological advancement components of it.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>Secondary sources were used in this investigation, including journals and conference publications, annual reports, Philips Company websites, the internet, scholarly articles, and social media reviews. On the company, a SWOT analysis was performed.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Results:</strong><em> The 131-year-old company’s growth as an electrical and electronic goods manufacturer has been meritorious. The company has ventured into the healthcare sector after 2010 and has a road ahead to become a pioneer in this sector.</em></p> <p><strong>Conclusion: </strong><em>Philips Healthcare is a global player in the manufacture of healthcare equipment. The company has a robust R&amp;D division which can aid in building more innovative healthcare products. By being more innovative the company can achieve its mission of improving global health and sustainability through technological advancements.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Company analysis as a Research Case Study</em></p> 2022-10-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Establishing Healthy Workplaces: A Case Study on the Employee Well-Being Initiatives in the IT Sector 2022-10-11T16:29:42+00:00 Elvira Monteiro James Joseph <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>&nbsp;<em>&nbsp;Over the past year, the dynamics at work have undergone a significant change. Business leaders are starting to understand the value of employee wellbeing as HR teams and IT industries help the workforce navigate and adapt throughout these transformations. The capacity to approach well-being holistically and align it with the distinct culture of the business is essential. Employers have to find solutions to meet the growing demands for empathy toward their employees because they are distressed and worried about what is happening to them. Employee wellbeing is the term used to describe the staff's general mental, physical, emotional, and financial health. Employee well-being is influenced by every aspect of work-life, including an employee's performance, interactions with fellow colleagues, personal standards, and workplace environment. Many IT companies are embracing employee well-being as a measure of teachable and everyday behaviour to address these issues. The present paper attempts to study employee well-being initiatives in the IT sector.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong><em> To meet the objective of the paper, secondary sources of data like the IBEF report on the information technology sector, annual reports from selected IT companies, journal articles in Google Scholar, newspapers, and business websites are used.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong><em> According to the findings, many companies in the IT sector are promoting employee well-being by offering various initiatives and resilience-building training, and many more are adopting a preventative strategy to manage stress by working to identify risks and causes. However financial well-being is still an area that gets little attention</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This study will assist in comprehending the various employee well-being initiatives introduced by IT sector companies. To assist the companies in fostering a compassionate workplace culture and putting employees first, SWOC Analysis of those initiatives is carried out.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong><em> Case Study.</em></p> 2022-10-10T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Study on Consumer Perception towards Online Shopping with Reference to Food Delivery Services in Mangaluru 2022-10-19T11:38:35+00:00 Kavitha Pakkala K. Shivashankar Bhat <p><strong>Purpose</strong>: <em>The purpose of this paper is to understand the perception of the consumers while shopping online and study what problems they face</em>.</p> <p><strong>Design: </strong><em>For this study the primary data was collected from 36 respondents from Mangaluru, Karnataka. Secondary data was collected from </em><em>market techniques, journal articles, and studies from various research papers, web pages, newspapers, books, and journal papers. </em></p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong><em>The study reflects that the consumer perception is influenced by convenience, affordability as it requires little effort, price and ease in payments as it is hassle-free and made through Gpay, Phonepay, debit and credit cards, cash on delivery, online money wallets, easy accessibility and door to door delivery within a time limit. While ordering the food, the consumer needs easy accessibility and effortless delivery. The food reaches to the doorstep within a few clicks and gives the order in less than a minute. They can order through mobile, laptop, web browsers, and computers. The quality of the food is the main criterion as he is ordering to have tasty and clean food. If he is satisfied with the quality of the food delivered he will order again and again.</em></p> <p><strong>Research Implications: </strong><em>The small sample size was taken (n=36) and collected data from Mangaluru. Bigger samples can be taken for future research to enhance the findings.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>The findings of this study will give more insight and help online sellers to find a service oriented sales techniques to get consumer satisfaction and consumer loyalty.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of Paper: </strong><em>Case study.</em></p> 2022-10-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 PHDRQ Model for Identifying Research Gaps and Formulating a Research Question During Ph.D. Program in India 2022-10-20T07:28:26+00:00 H. R. Ganesha Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose:</strong><em> To develop a holistic and comprehensive model for scholars to systematically and scholarly identify research gaps and then formulate a research question during their Ph.D. program.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>Postmodernism philosophical paradigm; Inductive research approach; Observation data collection method; Longitudinal data collection time frame; Qualitative data analysis. </em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result:</strong><em> As long as the Ph.D. scholars can understand all six steps of the PHDRQ model and make mindful choices in each step they will be able to convert a complicated Ph.D. journey into an intellectually challenging and interesting journey thereby generating original and significant research outputs. A research question well formulated is half answered and most importantly the moment scholars mindfully formulate their research question 50% of their Ph.D. journey is complete.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value:</strong> <em>Of course, we have not invented anything new in the PHDRQ model. But, for sure we have discovered a systematic way of arranging all the available steps of identifying research gaps and formulating a research question in a well-thought-through process flow that is appropriate and applicable for scholars admitted to Ph.D. programs across any discipline.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong><em> Conceptual model. </em></p> 2022-10-19T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Digital Business Transformation: A Case Study of Wipro 2022-10-22T07:48:30+00:00 Sumangala N. Shashidhar Kini <p><strong>Background/Purpose:</strong><em> Moving towards the digital world and transforming businesses into digital enterprises is the need of the hour. Every such enterprise needs to come up with a proper strategy for implementation. Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational company helping enterprises with digital transformation by providing services such as consultancy services and products. Wipro uses a very agile and effective strategy that incrementally gets strengthened with customer experience. The purpose of this study is to give insights into the successful journey of Wipro in this process of digital transformation and also to analyze the company’s strengths in sustaining in the business field, its weaknesses, opportunities that could be further explored, and challenges that could be handled effectively to improve the development of the company.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>The data required for the case study analysis paper on Wipro’s Digital Transformation is collected from secondary resources. The secondary resources used for the study mainly include the Wipro website, scholarly articles collected using Google Scholar, and other websites and reports.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>This study has given an understanding of the customer-centric approach of Wipro, technology, and IT services provided by the company. The Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges faced by Wipro, especially in the IT industry are analyzed based on the facts collected from secondary resources.&nbsp; Wipro serves its customers all over the world with a wide range of products and consultancy services. The study reveals that Wipro could accelerate its journey of digital transformation by focusing on widening its growth both in the local and global market by diversifying brand products and consultancy services.</em></p> <p><strong>Research limitations/implications: </strong><em>This paper focuses on the factors including the digital transformation model employed by Wipro and its journey toward success. The paper is limited to the study of the technology services, achievements, and corporate social responsibilities exhibited by the company throughout its journey of transformation.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This paper</em> <em>attempts to give an overview of</em> <em>the digital transformation of businesses and especially Wipro’s approach to implementing the right strategy for the successful digital transformation of its business.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Case study</em></p> 2022-10-21T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Effectiveness of the Construction Projects: A Comparison between Users Committees and Contractor Approach 2022-10-28T17:13:23+00:00 A. K. Mishra Rajesh Koirala Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>The policymakers are found to be undecided which assures the need for a refined policy on local governance in the formation of a user committee. It is expected to be beneficial for the project management team to point out the factors that directly or indirectly affect project performance. To assess the effectiveness of the construction projects implemented through Users Committees in comparison to the Contract Approach.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>The number of Informal Consultations was conducted at each sector of the project location involving UCs and beneficiaries. Furthermore, the key Informant's Interview was taken with the Planning officials, Implementing officials, and elected representatives followed by policy maker and department representative. A comparison is also made with contractor-based work. Using Content Analysis as a data analysis technique, the raw data was presented in the form of explanation, understanding or interpretation.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>Need of empowerment &amp; awareness to the beneficiaries too for their commitment by contributing to the construction projects and also providing orientation training to develop technical and managerial skills to UCs. A mandatory system of feasibility study of the projects for the financing of beneficiaries' contributions is essential. The work schedule or work plan should be attached to the agreement. Proper combination of both approaches would be better to be followed in a single project based on the nature, content, and complexity of rural road construction work.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>Both relevant and practical aspects for projects implemented through users in comparison to contractors have been significant for policymakers to decide the correct approach for correct work. </em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Research paper</em></p> 2022-10-22T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Impact of Adopting Machine Learning Methods on Indian Agriculture Industry- A Case Study 2022-10-29T04:22:00+00:00 Sumangala N. Shashidhar Kini <p><strong>Background/Purpose: </strong><em>Machine learning in today’s world is the </em><em>driving mechanism</em> <em>for achieving sustainable agriculture. A study of existing literature on applying Machine learning in the agriculture sector and the impact of these methods on the Indian agriculture sector is presented in this paper. Based on the agriculture market and analysis of agriculture trends using Machine Learning and also government initiatives to support Artificial Intelligence-powered agriculture in India, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges are identified and a broader analysis is given in this paper.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>The data required for this study on the adoption of Machine learning solutions in the agriculture sector of India are collected from secondary resources including scholarly publications, research articles, web reports, and government websites. The qualitative research method is adopted in conducting the study.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>The study has given insights into various machine learning methods and their applications in the agriculture domain. The knowledge-based agriculture practices could improve overall agriculture productivity. The facts and figures explored during the study of Indian agriculture are analyzed and it is seen that predictive analytics using Machine Learning has great potential in making significant advances in agricultural production.</em></p> <p><strong>Research limitations/implications: </strong><em>Machine Learning approaches can be adopted in all the allied sectors of agriculture. The study is limited to improvising farming practices using machine learning methods for better productivity and contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This paper presents a study of the Indian agriculture sector and the scope of incorporating data-driven approaches using machine learning algorithms that help in supporting the growth of the industry.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>A case study</em></p> 2022-10-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior on Baby Care Products 2022-10-29T10:42:55+00:00 Kavitha Pakkala K. Shivashankar Bhat <p><strong>Purpose</strong><em>: The goal of this study is to understand consumer purchasing habits and to pinpoint the variables that affect parents' decisions to buy baby care goods. This article's objective is to look into customer preferences for baby care items such as hygiene, skin and hair care, and food and beverages.</em></p> <p><strong>Design<em>: </em></strong><em>For this study, the secondary data was collected from various published materials like Google scholar, journal articles, newspapers, books, magazines, publications, web pages, libraries and studies from various research papers.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings<em>: </em></strong><em>According to the results of a study, people prefer branded goods like Johnson &amp; Johnson and Himalaya because of their strong brand names, affordable costs, and simple accessibility<strong>. </strong>The study will give more insight and help the producers and sellers of baby care products concentrate on environmentally friendly materials. Consumer behavior had a more significant influence on buying baby care products. Customers favor the improvement of quality products over pricing as child’s skin is very sensitive and mothers are also working to balance income in the family.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value</strong><em>: The market for baby care products in India is expanding and changing over time as a result of changing consumer habits, rising earnings, and a rise in the number of working women. The client is the main emphasis of today's market. In modern marketing, consumers are given considerable consideration. The goals of the business who are selling baby care items must be accomplished in order to satisfy the customers.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of Paper: </strong><em>Case study.</em></p> 2022-10-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Study on the Prospects and Challenges of Digital Financial Inclusion 2022-11-02T06:17:21+00:00 S. M. Riha Parvin Niyaz Panakaje <p><strong>Objective:</strong> <em>Financial inclusion through digital means has initiated the concept of digital financial inclusion (DFI) which is intended to reach out vulnerable community without having digital financial access. This study is an attempt to analyze the various prospects and challenges concerning digital financial inclusion. As the main intention of this study was to assess the challenges and prospects of digital financial inclusion, ABCD analysis also has been undertaken to assess its Advantages, Benefits, Constraints and Disadvantages.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> <em>This research is conducted through secondary sources in order to provide a full-fledged evidence-based study on the prospects and challenges of digital financial inclusion. The semi-systematic review</em> <em>is done through various published reports and articles from RBI, ABD, G20, Springer, Tailor &amp; Francis, Emarald, Google Scholar, Srinivas Publications, Research Gate, SSRN, etc.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> <em>The result of extensive review revealed that digital financial inclusion acts as a major catalyst for socio-economic, sustainable and inclusive prosperity. Various challenges concerning digital financial inclusion includes lack of financial literacy, inefficient utilization of technology by the rural population, lack of trust and data privacy concern. Apart from that the study strongly argued that digital financial inclusion promotes socio-economic development of the citizens and it also reduces cost, improves efficiency and competitiveness of the service providers. </em></p> <p><strong>Practical Implications:</strong><em> This research provides a guide for financial institutions and FinTech companies to realize the various challenges tackled by the citizens to improve their service delivery and provide better digital services. It also acts as a source of information to the users of DFI to understand the benefits of being digitally inclusive for their finance. </em></p> <p><strong>Originality/value: </strong><em>As a secondary data based study it may provide overall view on DFI and may help the policy makers and financial regulators to promote financial inclusive growth; but the concept of DFI can also be better understood by conducting a primary survey, hence it acts as limitations of the study. </em></p> <p><strong>Paper type:</strong> <em>Case Study</em></p> 2022-10-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Role of SHG Sanjeevini in Bajpe Rural Area in Economic and Social Development of the Poor – A Case Study 2022-11-02T07:26:02+00:00 Nikhitha M. K. Prabhakar Neermarga <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>The study’s purpose is to assess both the region’s economic development and the SHG's wide range of activities. The paper emphasizes on the appropriate use of fund for economic purpose leading to the growth of rural area.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach</strong>:<em> The study is based on primary data gathered from the Sanjeevini SHG groups officials during the fieldwork and other related information</em><em> from local public </em><em>residing in that area and Bajpe Gram panchayat.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong><em> The study helps us to know the involvement of people in the economic growth of the area. Achievement of groups enhances free flow of funds and challenges faced by groups in dealing with people and the area.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This study is an attempt to trace role of SHG groups in development of rural areas and factors responsible for the growth of the panchayat.</em></p> <p><strong>Research Type: </strong>Case Study.</p> 2022-10-29T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Study on Cadet Satisfaction towards E-Marketing Promotion in Private Maritime University (Study with reference to rural cadets, Chennai) 2022-11-03T09:41:09+00:00 D. Rajasekar Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose</strong>: <em>With the use of marketing strategies, particularly internet marketing, this study seeks to shed light on how rural cadets are growing more concerned with choosing private universities.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/approach</strong>: <em>As respondents, 412 rural marine engineering cadets from private maritime universities took part in the survey. This study demonstrates the importance of e-marketing in promoting private maritime colleges to rural cadets of maritime programmes. The significance of the finding was examined using the Descriptive and Chi-Square Analysis. As a result, the current study was limited to students at Chennai's private maritime universities.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> <em>The research reveals that online retailers' emails, promotions of their admittance policies, visits to their websites, and encouragement to enrol via email all constitute forms of electronic marketing. Cadets are persuaded to enrol by reading emails supplied by online businesses.</em></p> <p><strong>Practical Implications</strong>: <em>Overall, all respondent groups agreed that more e-marketing should be conducted to gain admission for private marine universities.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value</strong>: <em>The study emphasises that the cadets' distribution of e-marketing appears to be successful; it is seen that for the factor of "email sent by online companies", the cadets recorded the greatest degree of satisfaction for all chosen marketing activities.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of Paper: </strong><em>Case Study</em><strong>.</strong></p> 2022-10-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Excellence through Diversity-Inclusiveness: A Focus on IT Industry 2022-11-03T16:06:24+00:00 Lawren Maria Castelino Robin Shinde <p><strong>Purpose: </strong>&nbsp;Today's employee is worried with a lot more than the financial benefits that a job can provide<em>; They really would like to know that perhaps the work they do is important as well as the company for which they work is reputable for is committed to fostering a diversified and friendly community.</em> <em>They care about improving things, and this optimal solution broadens</em> <em>along with how they envision their organisation. This includes working in a diverse and inclusive workplace. </em><em>To foster diversity and inclusion, businesses</em> <em>first must learn to really be excellent listeners, implementing meaningful, and “always-on" employee voice programmes. Companies with gained in popularity or identity diversity have been in terms of financial returns, they have been demonstrated to surpass their national industry medians. Many IT firms embrace diversity and inclusion as a means of improving their bottom line </em><em>excel in their workforce and productivity.</em> <em>The present paper is an attempt to study the strategies for building a diverse workforce, diversity and inclusion initiatives in the IT sector.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong><em> To meet the objective of the paper, secondary sources of data like the IBEF report on the information technology sector, annual reports from selected IT companies, journal articles in Google Scholar, newspapers, and business websites are used. </em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong><em> According to the findings, many companies in the IT sector are promoting diversity and inclusion. Organizations with more diversified players boost revenues through innovation. According to research, businesses with more multidisciplinary communities seem to be more imaginative, involved, and artistic at&nbsp;work.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This study will assist in comprehending the various diversity and inclusion practices introduced by IT sector companies. To assist the companies to thrive towards excellence with the help of its employees, strategies and SWOC Analysis is carried out.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong><em> Case Study</em></p> 2022-11-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Giant of the Global Software Industry - WIPRO: A Case Study 2022-11-17T16:51:41+00:00 K. Annapoorneshwari Shetty Subrahmanya Bhat <p><strong>Background/Purpose: </strong><em>Wipro is a market leader in business process outsourcing, consulting, and information technology worldwide. Wipro helps clients succeed in the digital world by utilising cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robots, the cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies. They have more than 2 lakh committed people serving customers on six continents and are well-known throughout the world for their extensive service portfolio, strong commitment to sustainability, and outstanding corporate citizenship. They generate original concepts and make connections to forge a brighter and riskier future.</em></p> <p><strong>Objective:&nbsp;</strong><em>To examine Wipro's growth and problems, as well as the contributing factors that aided this expansion.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach:</strong> <em>Information gathered from a variety of academic journals and web articles was analysed and presented using the SWOC framework.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong>&nbsp;<em>Based on the examination of facts and numbers as well as the many scenarios of firm expansion in India, it is clear that the Wipro company has experienced significant growth and advancement in various areas such as job creation and the country's economy. A few suggestions are also made to expand on the notion.</em></p> <p><strong>Research limitations/implications: </strong><em>The analyses and solutions presented in this article are only applicable to businesses with similar operations, yearly revenues, and levels of expertise to Wipro.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value:</strong> <em>This article focuses on a number of variables and situations that allowed Wipro to expand and earn the title "Giant of Companies" in the process.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong> <em>A Research Case study paper on Wipro's success and contributing elements in India and becoming one of the top firms.</em></p> 2022-11-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 How to make IoT in C# using Sinric Pro 2022-11-18T16:09:15+00:00 Sudip Chakraborty P. S. Aithal <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Nowadays, IoT, or the internet of things, is a popular technological term. Any device operation is possible anywhere in the world using IoT. It controls the Device using a couple of telemetry protocols. Here we will describe how we can experiment with IoT using the Sinric Pro IoT platform. We will test without any hardware. We will also operate our Device from Alexa and Sinric Pro mobile app. the IoT client is written in C#. The complete project code is adopted from Sinric Pro. The Researcher can modify and integrate the code as their research needs. </em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach</strong>: <em>Sinric Pro is a popular IoT service. First, we create our account on the Sinric Pro website. Then we configure devices and note the API key, secret key, and device id. We add those keys to our C# application and run the client application. The running client receives a command from various sources. We also Configure the mobile application to send the command through apps. </em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>This procedure helps us understand the data flow between the IoT server and the client. We can understand what happens inside the client application using a state diagram. We can use it as a demonstration tool and possibly to trigger the actual Device. Fetching the load status from the client application might trigger the controller board through the serial port.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>Sometimes Researcher cannot get the actual hardware for the experiment due to availability or cost constraints. This procedure might help them. Working with existing hardware also need some basic electronics knowledge. Otherwise, severe damage can occur inside the working system. There is no such risk in this procedure, and it produces the result efficiently. </em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Simulation-based Research.</em></p> 2022-11-17T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Cross-Sectional Study among Cadets at Maritime Institutions: Factors influencing the study participation during the COVID-19 Epidemic towards Online Education 2022-11-18T16:34:56+00:00 D. Rajasekar P. S. Aithal <p><strong>Purpose</strong>: <em>The goal of this research is to investigate the factors influencing study engagement. while the COVID-19 outbreak is occurring by using online platforms to provide educational concepts.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/approach</strong>: <em>There were 412 cadets present. The questionnaire was divided into sections to find out about each cadet's unique traits, needs, proficiency with online tools, and preferences for high-quality online education.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> \ <em>Young students live in a digital environment, and they have been using online education and digital applications as a form of instruction for a long time.</em></p> <p><strong>Practical Implications</strong>: <em>The academic curricula was created for in-person instruction, and because there were&nbsp;not enough facilities to enable unexpected virtual education, universities were not ready for a sudden change. This caused anxiety among students.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value</strong>: <em>The data were analyzed using SPSS version 22 (Statistical Package of Social Science). The data's constructs were compared using chi-square analysis.. This study fills a vacuum in Indian research on this topic by examining the cadets' mental health state under situations like lockdown, which was recognized as a need.</em></p> <p><strong>Type of Paper:</strong> <em>Descriptive Research.</em></p> 2022-11-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Assessing the Seeds of Disputes in Projects 2022-11-24T15:11:36+00:00 Anup Sauden A. K. Mishra Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Unlike other projects, disputes are not avoidable on road projects. The study was focused to assess the causes of disputes management practices on road construction project performance under the department of roads. </em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>Based on convenient sampling eight (8) construction sites were chosen for the contextual analysis. After the serious audits of accessible writing on the reasons for debates in the development businesses, one set questionnaire study was completed among the principal partners engaged with the road sites to evaluate the reasons for questions. Semi-organized interviews were led with the stakeholders.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Result: </strong><em>The main seeds of disputes were attributed&nbsp; due to Delays in works progress, Design error, Financial failures of contractors, Quality of works, Technical inadequacy of contractors, Payment delays, Semi-structured, Change in scope, Extension of Time (EoT) and Financial difficulties.</em> <em>Claims arising from delay in work progress can be reduced by realistic work schedule with resource deployment plan. The employer should closely monitor the activities with approved work schedule and provide appropriate solution for the issues arises from disputes / claims.&nbsp; Claims arising from delay in payment can be reduced by systematic disbursement of payment or directly payment to the people working groups under contractor. The cash flow management of contractors can be control by control mechanism for the use of mobilization fund on the same project works. Consultants ought to guarantee BOQ and contract periods, determined in the bid archives, are practical and according to existing site conditions.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>The study is significant for professionals to overcome identified causes effectively to create zero dispute projects based on real time causes.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Research paper</em></p> 2022-11-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Impact of Self-Help Group – Sanjeevini in Empowerment of Women in Rural Area of Bajpe, Mangalore Taluk - A Case Study 2022-11-24T16:06:27+00:00 Nikhitha M. K. Prabhakar Neermarga <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>In the context of women’s development, the purpose of this study is to define, challenge, and overcome barriers in a woman’s life so that she can better design her life.</em><em> This&nbsp;paper paints through a picture of SHG’s achievements in empowering women. Women are the participants and decision makers in democratic, economic, and social realms of life are achieved by Self Help Group (SHG) members. This article also discusses some of the steps that should be followed to ensure that SHG is implemented effectively.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach<em>: </em></strong><em>The study is based on the primary and secondary data collected through fieldwork and referring to publications, websites and other related sources. The materials are gathered from publications of NABARD and other governmental agencies which have advocated for women’s empowerment. Action is also taken to refer to the various reports and services done by various government and private agencies. The primary data is collected from field visits by meeting various people involved in SHG and also meeting Panchayath officials.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong><em>The study helps us to know that savings habits have improved among the members of SHG. According to the study, SHG’s microfinance intervention raised the level of income and assets of rural women, while poverty reduced.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This study has social and economic implications since it shows the importance of SHGs in women’s growth in terms of productive involvement and financial contribution to the family.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type<em>: </em></strong><em>Case Study</em></p> 2022-11-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Review of the Functioning of SHG in the Context of Economic Development of the Women Members and its Impact on their Income 2022-12-02T09:12:47+00:00 Nikhitha M. K. Prabhakar Neermarga <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Women in the research area are totally ignorant of their potential and individuality, which results in unhealthy lives. They also live in poverty and the most deplorable conditions of ignorance. They are driven by a strong desire to escape poverty. They take part in self-help group’ income-generating activities in addition to other things they do. However, from the time they first join Self Help Groups through the end of their involvement in such activities, their socio-economic situation pushes them to deal with various issues.</em> <em>Rural women are the most marginalized group and are excluded from both economic and social life. Microcredit is the most effective tool for empowering women since it gives them the ability to meet their needs throughout their lives.</em> <em>The study comes to the conclusion that self-help group members’ capacity, capability, professional, and entrepreneurial skills need to be improved in order to make them successfully engaged in income-generating activities. SHG taught members approach dealing with difficulties with greater confidence, entrepreneurial skill, knowledge, and a more upbeat attitude.</em> <em>The expansion of group members’ businesses and income-generating endeavors is essential for the self-help group to continue to exist. Also, loans should be provided to these women in reasonable rate</em> <em>and they should have knowledge about all the financial aspects of loan which is lacking currently.</em></p> <p><strong>Design/Methodology/Approach: </strong><em>The majority of the data included in the current paper comes from secondary sources. The government’s website was used to obtain secondary data, while other publications such as journal articles and government publications were used as verified sources.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> <em>After joining the group, it is discovered that access to education, health care, nutritious food, and housing has increased. All of them agree that their understanding of the value of children’s education, health, finance, and their roles in society has increased. As a result of their association with the group, they feel more confident about leading better lives</em>.</p> <p><strong>Originality/Value: </strong><em>This study investigates the relationship between SHGs, microfinance organizations, and the empowerment of women. The contribution of SHG to the development of women’s rights and its impact on women’s engagement in the business field.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper type: </strong><em>Review Paper</em></p> 2022-12-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Study on Challenges Faced by Farmers Using E-Commerce in Agriculture - A Survey of Thrissur District in the State of Kerala, India 2022-12-03T06:33:35+00:00 Shibi B. Aithal P. S. <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Traditional methods of farming and marketing has worsened the condition of farmers in our country. My study is on challenges faced by farmers by using E-commerce in agriculture. While examining the real scenario, farmers in India fail to make a living. The majority of farmers earn an income below Rs.22000 per month. Only 12.6% of the respondents are fully aware about e- commerce opportunities. They face various challenges in making use of e-commerce opportunities, there is a lack of storage facilities, improper pricing, lack of computer literacy, and perishable nature of products as the major challenges of Farmers. Farmers should be equipped with electronic devices and knowledge in ICT for the betterment of their living conditions. Agricultural economics must relate technology in the production and marketing of goods.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology<em>: </em></strong><em>The study was carried out in Kerala's agricultural industry. A questionnaire was used to collect the main data. The purpose of the study was to examine the difficulties farmers encounter while attempting to advertise their products online. In the study, both primary and secondary data were employed. A total of 220 samples were selected for the study. The samples were chosen in a random manner. The questionnaire served as the main method for gathering data.</em></p> <p><strong>Finding: </strong><em>The results found that, in Kerala, the farmers are not fully aware about e- commerce opportunities. And the study also found that farmers agree that there is a lack of storage facilities, improper pricing, lack of computer literacy, and perishable nature of products as the major challenges of faced</em> <em>All industries need to invest in and pay attention to the development of agricultural e-commerce. The growth of the cultural, infrastructural, social, and educational backdrops are the total solutions for implementing E-Commerce in agriculture. The creation of appropriate e-commerce portals for agricultural products, education of farmers about the benefits of e-commerce, entry of the private sector into e-commerce, and easing the process of online payment system with community level initiation in this sector were prioritized solutions for implementing e-commerce in agriculture. Therefore, if the recommended techniques are put into practice to overcome the identified obstacles, E-Commerce in agriculture has a strong chance of developing in the future.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality: </strong><em>This is utilized to conduct a survey of the Thrissur district in the Indian state of Kerala to learn more about the difficulties farmers face when adopting e-commerce in agriculture.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Descriptive Research</em></p> 2022-12-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Descriptive study of Talent Management Practices followed by Wipro Ltd 2022-12-06T06:05:44+00:00 K. M. Chethana Sonia Delrose Noronha <p><strong>Purpose: </strong><em>Talent management comprises of HR procedures used to recruit, train, inspire, and keep high-performing personnel is known as talent management.</em><em> The challenge of managing talent is crucial and extremely hard. Acquisition of the right talent strengthens organisational strategy. For an organisation, the biggest difficulty is no longer just recruiting outstanding employees, but also keeping them. However, Wipro's HR Talent Management is a cloud-based tool that helps HR teams find, develop, and keep people. It is built on the dependable and highly scalable ServiceNow platform. The goal of this paper is to find out the talent management strategies followed at Wipro Ltd</em>.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> <em>The paper uses secondary sources of information, such as books, journals, articles, newspapers, and websites.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings:</strong> <em>According to the findings </em><em>the company's recruitment strategy demonstrates that it rigorously adheres to the adage "right man for the right job,” and utilize both compensation and non-compensation strategies, and offer merit-based raises. Additionally, restricted stock units provide equity-based pay for middle and senior management.</em></p> <p><strong>Originality/Value:</strong> <em>Based on the secondary data available, this work makes an attempt to investigate the talent management practices followed at Wipro Ltd. </em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type:</strong> <em>Case Study</em></p> 2022-12-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Approaches towards Education Upliftment of Religious Minority: An Analysis of Central Government Schemes 2022-12-06T06:31:48+00:00 Nushruth Niyaz Panakaje <p><strong>Purpose<em>: </em></strong><em>Education is the important device for overall growth of any nation. India is multilingual and multi religious country, people of different communities and religions&nbsp;&nbsp; are living together. </em><em>It is the duty of Indian Government to provide and safeguard the educational rights of the minorities</em><em>. Minorities in India are not equal with others. The end result of education in some religion and communities are not same. Government came up with various educational schemes to support education of religious minorities. The main motto of this study is to analyze the central government schemes which supports education upliftment of minorities.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong><em>This study was made out of secondary resources and required data was gathered from various Sachar, Post Sachar, Ministry of Minority Affairs report, Google Scholar, Web of sciences publications, journals, books, websites and financial report of state and central Government of India.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings/Results: </strong><em>The Government of India initiated with various educational schemes to minority education. The budget allocated for various educational schemes showed upward trend and number of beneficiaries of various educational schemes are in high.</em></p> <p><strong>Practical Implication: </strong><em>This paper will help students learn about the many government-sponsored educational programs in India that support the education of students from religious minorities. It will also help government officials learn more about the amount of funding allotted by the government and the total number of people who would benefit from the numerous programmes that improve minorities' educational standing.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Case study.</em></p> 2022-12-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 A Study on Marketing Strategies and SWOC Analysis of Himalaya Wellness Private Ltd 2022-12-06T15:46:50+00:00 Bharathi Sureshramana Mayya <p><strong>Purpose:</strong> <em>Ayurveda is a traditional natural and holistic medical system that was transmitted orally through a lineage of sages. It is thought of as the study of life. It offers information on eradicating the paths that lead to the spread of diseases as well as how to prevent infections altogether. The Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Ashtanga Hrudaya are the three oldest texts on Ayurveda. They describe the effects of five elements—earth, water, air, fire, and space—on a person's system and emphasise the significance of maintaining these elements' balance so that people can live healthy and happy life. Numerous businesses produce ayurvedic goods. One of the ayurvedic businesses, The Himalaya Company, was established in 1930 by Mr. M. Mrunal to modernise the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda and introduce it to the public. The researcher concentrated on presenting the Himalaya Company's advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and challenges, the various wellness products the company produces, the marketing tactics employed, and the company's marketing mix.</em></p> <p><strong>Methodology: </strong><em>This qualitative research paper is based on secondary data which is obtained from the research papers published in various journals, books, newspapers, articles, annual reports of the company, and articles related to this study.</em></p> <p><strong>Findings: </strong><em>One of the company's key strengths is the name Himalaya. One of the top 10 ayurvedic businesses in India is Himalaya. A Good Manufacturing Certificate was received (GMP). When making the items, the company uses the Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry method. In order to address the growing demand for ayurvedic items, the company teamed up with Snapdeal. Additionally, they started the My Lakshya campaign, the main objective of which is to bridge the gap between their current and ideal careers</em>.</p> <p><strong>Originality:</strong> <em>This article discusses the numerous wellness products made by Himalaya Company, the SWOC study of the company, its marketing techniques, and its overall marketing mix.</em></p> <p><strong>Value: </strong><em>The study investigated if the company is strong enough in terms of quality by analysing the strengths, flaws, opportunities, and challenges.</em></p> <p><strong>Paper Type: </strong><em>Case Study of the Company.</em></p> 2022-12-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022