Integrating Theory A and Six Thinking Hats Technique for Improved Organizational Performance

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P. S. Aithal
Suresh Kumar P. M.


Various models are used in developing strategies to improve people’s performance in organizations. Such for example, are theory X, theory Y, and theory A. All these in common are based on presumptions about the human behaviour at work. Theory X and Y are opposing each other in predicting human nature. Theory A (Theory of Accountability) focuses on innate human potential, inherent urge for creativity, self-expression, and contribution to the organization as motivators. This is a winning strategy by collectively setting in motion a process of shared goals, divided responsibility, mutual inspiration and shared output. So much so managers have to transform average employee to real performers using role models and self-exploration. Accountability is assumed by both individuals and teams to ensure success in given task. The functional elements of Accountability Theory are Planning, Target setting, Motivation, Work Strategies, Responsibility, Role model, Monitoring & Guiding, and Accountability. This is indicative of a series of processes starting from Institutional assessment to problem identification and joint policy formulation; shared understanding through communication and action planning; Adoption of the idea and increased performance; Empowerment, support and teamwork; Commitment, consistency, and target fulfilment; Acknowledging example and willingness to improve; Joint review, self-appraisal, and confirmation of accomplishment; and Contribution through commitment and creativity. In all these stages lateral thinking through Six thinking hats opens up possibilities for objective and quantitative thinking, emotional thinking, negative pessimistic thinking, cautious optimistic thinking, creative innovative thinking and managerial thinking. In this paper, we have discussed how Theory A can be integrated with different types of thinking styles in any organization to improve its performance using six thinking hats model of lateral thinking.


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P. S. Aithal, & Suresh Kumar P. M. (2017). Integrating Theory A and Six Thinking Hats Technique for Improved Organizational Performance. International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters (IJAEML), 1(2), 66–77.

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