Broad Based Benefit Model for the Elderly-Collaborative Approach

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Pradeep M. D.
Charan Raj


The old age declines the functional capacity of the organs due to physiological transformation. The study of physical and psychological changes that occur in old age is called “gerontology”. Vital role is played by the legislations in granting welfare of the elderly population. The elderly welfare requires the solutions to the practical problems of the elderly. India has adopted United Nations International Plan of Action on Ageing to provide care and protection to the elders by considering them within the social category who requires special attention. The principle of equity is enshrined in the Constitution of India in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. Elderly population belongs to the marginalised and deprived sections in India. This paper introduces Pradeep & Charan’s model of ‘Broad Based Benefit’ (BBB) for the elderly by integrating legislative and social interventions towards empowerment of elderly. This paper provides guidelines to interlink the efforts of Government and Non Government Organisaitons by using legislative and judicial interfaces to promote elderly welfare. This model guides the way for empowerment of elderly population to be self sufficient and sustainable in their lives. The study is descriptive by nature, by using primary and secondary sources of data.


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Pradeep M. D., & Charan Raj. (2017). Broad Based Benefit Model for the Elderly-Collaborative Approach . International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters (IJAEML), 1(2), 112–122.