A Case Study of Mrs. Bector Food Specialties Ltd

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Reema Jenifer D’Silva
Ganesh Bhat S.


Purpose: In these days, women are exhibiting their entrepreneurial spirit and competencies. They have come to the forefront of development process and have proved themselves successful in their multitasking roles at home and office. Entrepreneurship among women improves the wealth of their families and the nation as well. Some women have managed to break the proverbial glass ceiling against the odd and have established their businesses successfully in food processing sector. Women are more inclined for food processing enterprises since they spend most of their time in the kitchen normally. Many women have the expertise in preparing new cuisines, so they start small and grow further to become a much-acclaimed food processing entrepreneurs. The food processing industry in India has great potential and it brings about the synergy between the consumer, industry and agriculture. Therefore, there is a need to inspire, encourage, motivate and co-operate with women entrepreneurs for developing the spirit of enterprise among every segment of the society. The purpose of the paper is to highlight the success story of Mrs. Bector in the food processing sector and the challenges faced by her. This study proved that Mrs. Bectors Food Specialties Ltd. owned by Mrs. Bector, based at Punjab has enough growth opportunities but to sustain itself in the market, the company has to pursue more competitive strategies to widen the operations and customer base.

Design: For the purpose of analysis, this study used secondary data sources - open access journals, Google, Google scholar and Mrs. Bectors Food Specialties Ltd. websites. Furthermore, the literature is used to analyze the position of this company within SWOC framework and Michael Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

Findings: Based on the analysis, it is suggested that Mrs. Bectors Food Specialties Ltd. has to expand its business beyond northern India and initiate campaign for its brand awareness. The study concludes that Mrs. Bectors Food Specialties Ltd.’s competitive pricing strategy is clearly defined to capture the market, but more proper execution of strategies is required to thrive in a competitive climate.

Value: This paper focuses on the growth of Mrs. Bector Food Specialties Ltd. in terms of its current status and future opportunities. Based on findings and their interpretation, new knowledge in the form of suggestions is presented.

Paper Type: Case study-based Research Analysis


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Reema Jenifer D’Silva, & Ganesh Bhat S. (2021). A Case Study of Mrs. Bector Food Specialties Ltd. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 5(2), 100–110. https://doi.org/10.47992/IJCSBE.2581.6942.0123