A Study on Consumer Preferences with Reference to Online Food Delivery Amenities

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Shwetha Pai
Sureshramana Mayya


Purpose: In a country like India, the advent of technology has magnified e- businesses. A person or a consumer who is hungry or craving food or lazy to cook or may not have time to go out and eat may now have food ordered online by getting a quick door delivery. Consumers continue to eat out, but they find ordering food online immensely convenient because it banishes the need to visit restaurants physically. The fundamental goal of the current study was to assess the consumer preferences and perceptions of online food ordering amenities.

Objectives: To probe customers' insights on online food delivery amenities and to recognize the several components that influence the end-user decisions.  Another objective is to avail oneself of online food delivery amenities. Consumer’s preferred online food delivery amenities portal was investigated. This study also intended to determine the elements that impact the consumer's decision to order food online. Due to the analysis of this study, it is helpful to understand better customer perceptions and preferences for online food ordering amenities.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The survey was conducted as an approach to obtain information about customer preferences on online food delivery amenities. Along with this multiple online sources such as journal Papers, websites and blogs that guide and review online food delivery were used to conduct this company analysis. Open questions were asked to people in general on ordering food online using different apps.

Findings/Result: The survey results were used better to understand people's insights on online food amenities. The study was based on Empirical Analysis. It demonstrates the swiftness in the consumers to discover the best restaurants or select their favorite dish from the menu as per their want with the feel of dining at home, with hot food on the Table with quick delivery at the door. Hence tools like NPS, Multidimensional scaling and factor analysis were engaged coupled with ABCD analysis.

Originality/Value: The survey found that many respondents utilize Swiggy or Zomato to order food online, using both primary and secondary data. The study helped to find out the preferred app for online food delivery wherein it found that a smaller percentage of respondents preferred to use Swiggy and Zomato.

Paper Type: A Case Study Analysis based paper on Consumer Preferences with reference to online food delivery amenities


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