Literature Review on Consumer Perception and Buying Behaviour on Baby Care Products

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Kavitha Pakkala
K. Shivashankar Bhat


Purpose: Different behaviours have had a significant impact on how people shop and consume. The goal of this study is to understand consumer purchasing habits and to pinpoint the variables that affect parents' decisions to buy baby care goods. There is a shortage of knowledge regarding how consumers perceive and what factors influence customers' purchasing decisions for baby care items.

Design/Methodology: Studies, case studies, journal articles, reviews and variety of research papers serve as secondary sources for the research.

Findings: Research study reflects that, nurturing a baby is the most challenging stage of life since it requires an awareness of the requirements of a baby's body to promote the healthy growth of both physical and mental state. As far as the baby products are concerned parents become more responsible while taking the right decisions so that their children are safe and secure. Parents in India are becoming more brand savvy and informed and they favour high-quality goods.

Originality/value: This is done in order to comprehend how people and families act when they purchase a product. This is an effort to discover and investigate what consumer activities and behaviors result in a product purchase. India's market for baby care goods is growing and changing over time as a result of changing consumer tastes, rising incomes, and a growth in the proportion of working women.

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Kavitha Pakkala, & K. Shivashankar Bhat. (2022). Literature Review on Consumer Perception and Buying Behaviour on Baby Care Products. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 7(2), 710–735.