Tales of Triumph: An Analysis of Famous Transgender Personalities from India

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Haripriya R. J. Nair
Manjula K. T.


Purpose: The journey of travelling for authentication of one’s own sexual or gender identity is never a rose paved path before transgender persons, as their journey is beyond or away from established ideologies proposed about gender. Being born with a particular sexual identity but later realizing that the birth sex is not the actual essence of own self is a serious traumatic phase in any transgender life. It is never a pleasant reality for any of the believer of heterosexuality. They can never accept the existence of a varied gender or sexual category apart from one assigned at the time of birth. Thus, transgenders are forced to hide or suppress own identity to get acceptance in a gender binary led society like India. But there are many who were able to triumph in spite of sufferings from the shackles of gender inequality. Their tales are of courage, willpower, and self-reliance held firmly even before whips of harsh gender otherness. Thus, the article titled “Tales of Triumph: An Analysis of Famous Transgender Personalities from India” is an earnest attempt to draw mass attention to such excellent personalities from a suppressed gender group.

Design: The article is prepared by collecting information from secondary sources such as peer-reviewed journals and National and International Publications. Internet sources, and research sources like Google Scholar, Research Gate, SSRN, Elsevier, Academia, and Shodhganga are used for identifying the research gap. To highlight the key aspects of the research ABCD analysis is used. Data is acquired from research journals, doctoral theses, scholarly articles, and websites to carry out the research that has been proposed. Concentrating on the keywords Transgender, Transgender in India, Famous Transgender, Excellent Trans Person, Gender Fluidity, Gender Binaries, of the chosen topic, the methodology used depends mostly on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting previous knowledge. The textual analysis and comparative method will be used in the methodology. There will be a close reading of the select works of Transgender writers followed by discussions on related issues. Writing research papers and participating in conferences on the subject are also aimed at. While conducting the analyses of the study, APA Manual has been followed to adhere to its requirements.

Findings: It has been found out that limited study is available regarding great transgender personalities from India, thus a paper discussing the triumph or victories of such a repressed gender minority in India is very essential for educating public about their achievements.

Originality: The proposed study focuses primarily on transgender community in India and their priceless achievements in various realms of human knowledge, thus attempting to create awareness about transgender persons and their victories through various time frames. An awareness created about such a category is highly essential for a heterosexual society to reform their perspectives about third gender in India.

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Haripriya R. J. Nair, & Manjula K. T. (2023). Tales of Triumph: An Analysis of Famous Transgender Personalities from India. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 8(1), 29–36. https://doi.org/10.47992/IJMTS.2581.6012.0253