Creating an Advanced Web Based Environment using Semantic Web

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Panchajanyeswari M Achar


E-learning systems are of no help to the users if there are no powerful search engines andbrowsing tools to assist them. Most of the current web-based learning systems are closedsystems where the courses and the learning material are fixed. The only thing that is dynamicis that the organization of the learning content is adapted to allow individualized learningenvironment. The learners of web-basede-learning systems belong to different categoriesbased on their skills, background, preferences and learning styles. This paper focuses onpersonalized semantic search and recommending learning content that are appropriate to thelearning environment. The semantic and personalized search of the learning content is basedon comparison of the learner profile. The learner profile depends on re individual learningstyle of the user and learning objects’ metadata. This concept needs to be represented both inthe learner profile as well as learning object description as certain data structures.Personalized recommendation of learning objects uses an approach to determine a moresuitable relationship between learning objects and learning profiles. Thus, it may advise alearner with most suitable learning objects. Semantic learning objects search is based on thequery expansion of the user query and by using the semantic similarity to retrieve semanticmatched learning objects


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Panchajanyeswari M Achar. (2017). Creating an Advanced Web Based Environment using Semantic Web. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 2(1), 38–44.