Geo Information Systems & Remote Sensing: Applications in Environmental Systems & Management

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Paul P. K.
Aithal P. S.
Bhuimali A.
Tiwary K. S.
Saavedra R.
Aremu B.


Geo Informatics is an interdisciplinary field responsible for spatial information related activities. Geo Informatics is close to the Geo Information Science, Geo Information System, Remote Sensing, etc. Geo Informatics is a combination of Geo Science and Information Science and here different kinds of IT and Computing tools are being used such as Database Technology, Network Technology, Web Technology, Multimedia Technology, etc in the spatial data management. Remote Sensing is considered as a component of Geo Information Science dedicated in gathering of information on the different types of objects without physical content and applicable in different areas of the geography, survey of land and different type of geo related areas viz. Hydrology, Ecology, Meteorology, Oceanography and Geology, etc. The term remote sensing is also called as GIS & RS due to their relationship and their importance. The applications of the IT in Geography and allied areas are called as Geo Informatics or Geo Information Science. Similarly, the applications and utilization of IT, Information Science and Computing in Environment and allied areas are known as Environmental Informatics or Environmental Information Science. The GIS and Remote Sensing applications in the environment and ecological areas are increasing rapidly and it includes various existing and emerging applications. This paper talks about the applications of the GIS and RS in Environmental Applications and Management.


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Paul P. K., Aithal P. S., Bhuimali A., Tiwary K. S., Saavedra R., & Aremu B. (2020). Geo Information Systems & Remote Sensing: Applications in Environmental Systems & Management. International Journal of Management, Technology and Social Sciences (IJMTS), 5(2), 11–18.

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