A Technical Approach for Promotion of Yakshagana - A Literature Survey

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Anantha Murthy
Nethravathi P. S.


Background/Purpose: Yakshagana is a theatre style that combines varieties of make-up styles and dressing styles depending on the type of character or role that is to be played on the stage. This article briefly discusses certain areas of Yakshagana where technology can be used for object detection and make-up recognition to classify and identify the characters.

Objective: The main objective of this literature survey is to summarize the techniques used to identify different objects in a Yakahagana image & to identify the different makeup styles to recognize the type of characters. This paper also recommends the technical methods that can be used to promote Yakshagana.

Methodology: Information is collected from various scholarly articles, books, and web pages.

Findings/Results: Based on the analysis of the papers reviewed, it is observed that, no much work is carried out in the field of object detection & make-up detection in Yakshagana. This survey paper recommends techniques and the methodology that can be applied to the Yakshanaga field to identify and classify the objects and detect the patterns in makeup in Yakshagana roles.

Limitations: The study is limited to crown & jewelry detection and pattern recognition in facial makeup in Yakshagana

Originality: This paper focuses on the summary of techniques used to identify the objects, facial recognition, and pattern in make-up detection.

Paper Type: A Literature survey paper on techniques and methods used to meet the required objectives.


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Anantha Murthy, & Nethravathi P. S. (2021). A Technical Approach for Promotion of Yakshagana - A Literature Survey. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 5(2), 239–267. https://doi.org/10.47992/IJCSBE.2581.6942.0132

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