The Evolution of the E-Vehicle Industry and its Path Towards Setting up Dominance in Automobile Industry - A Case Study

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Anantha Murthy
Nethravathi P. S.


Background/Purpose: The electric vehicle (EV) has gained a lot of attention from researchers in the twenty-first century as a green travel tool, leading to a series of in-depth studies. With the advancement of high-capacity batteries and electric vehicles, the value of electric vehicles will skyrocket, posing new problems to the power grid's safe and stable operation. This article briefly discusses a certain area of electric vehicles, such as government legislation, employability options, market trends, problems, and solutions to connected issues.

Objective: The growth of the vehicle industry and its progress toward the government of India's "Make in India" mission for electric vehicles, as part of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan to set up dominance in the automobile industry.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Presentation of information collected from various scholarly articles, web articles, and analysis using the SWOC framework.

Findings/Results: Based on the analysis of facts and figures and also by looking at the various scenarios of expansion of the electric vehicle industry in India, it is seen that this industry has seen considerable growth and progress in various avenues such as creating employment opportunities and country's economy. Few recommendations are also suggested to take the concept further.

Research limitations/implications: The study is limited to the electric vehicle industry, though a total of 25 Industry sectors have been identified under ‘Make in India’.

Originality/Value: This paper focuses on the growth of the electric vehicle industry and the factors that helped towards making ‘Make in India’ a reality. It also talks about the support given by Government to achieve the same.

Paper Type: A Research Case study paper on the growth and dominance of the electric vehicle Industry and realization of the ‘Make in India’ concept.


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Anantha Murthy, & Nethravathi P. S. (2021). The Evolution of the E-Vehicle Industry and its Path Towards Setting up Dominance in Automobile Industry - A Case Study. International Journal of Case Studies in Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), 5(2), 38–49.

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